Vikings: Valhalla Saga

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Vikings: Valhalla Saga (Android/iOS)

This is a Nordic and Celtic game.
This is a medieval history game.
A realistic role-playing experience where you will experience the Valhalla Saga.

Hear that Saga!

You came from Valhalla!

Everything is real, feel it!

Bloody and cold!

The Gods want you ready!

Fight is not over, it begins now!

Odin, Thor and Freyr are here!

Listen to the Gods!

Fate is coming for you!

You are special, know that!

This is not the first time!

Every day life is running out!

Just remember!

Death comes once!

This is a Viking game!

This is a true story of heroism!

The great and mysterious Viking Warriors, Sigurd Ring, Ivar Ragnarsson, Bjorn Ironside and Ragnar Lothbrok are all here!

Where are you?


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